About Us

Tool Depot / Inland Supply started out as Val Tool in 2012.  The Val Tool name originated from our companies roots in the Spokane Valley of Eastern Washington.  "Val" was short for Valley and fit with our regional reach at the time.  After a few years of growing pains and finding our niche within the tool industry both locally and nationally we have rebranded ourselves with two distinct company names with shared resources and personel.

Tool Depot
Our Tool Depot name was launched in an effort to offer our unique products and services to a more mainstreem base than what we had been servicing with our Val Tool name.  Val Tool was mainly an industrial supplier focusing on the manufacturing, industrial and commercial sectors.  With Tool Depot we opened up our doors to a new customer base in our DIY and smaller commercial/industrial accounts.  With both a brick and mortar location as well as our online store we have two methods to supply customers with products and services they want and need.

Inland Supply
Most of our industrial accounts know us by the name Inland Supply.  This was the name chosen for our Industrial/Commercial/Contractor sales division.  Inland Supply operates under the roof of our Tool Depot location but mostly is an outside sales force servicing Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Our Focus
Overall Focus: Quality is the name of the game for us. There are plenty of sources for discount & low quality budget tools.  We aren't looking to supply you with the lowest quality product at the lowest price.  Our goal is to only offer high quality products and pass along the best prices possible.  So when you think of quality tools think of Tool Depot and Inland Supply.

Tool Depot
- To supply quality tools and accessories to home owners, DIY, small/medium professionals via our retail location as well as our online store.

Inland Supply - Outside sales is the primary focus for our industrial supply division.  We also maintain a special "Industrial" counter at our Valley branch location.  In addition to outside sales, inside sales counter we offer our industrial customers the option of online shopping through our ToolDepot.net store.

Tool Repair
Our tool repair/service department has been around since day one of our company.  From the beginning we saw a need for reliable and timely tool repair in the Spokane Area.  Not only do we service the very tools we sell but we will happily repair any tool purchased elsewhere.  If we can get parts for it we will take in the tool.